at Little Steps

Our STEAM based balanced curriculum blends each of the five disciplines and fosters an inclusive learning environment in which all students can engage and contribute. This approach prepares the kids to bring knowledge and skills to solve problems, make sense of information, and know how to gather and evaluate evidence to make decisions. Our curriculum, daily schedule and overall program help children develop soft skills (creativity, problem-solving, collaboration), increase engagement and motivation, and personalize their learning experiences.


An important part of our  approach at LittleSteps is introducing children to the right activities at the right times. We introduce children to new skills and concepts when they are developmentally ready, making learning fun and natural.  We have carefully developed our broad and balanced curriculum from scratch, focusing on STEAM aspects and provides children with the skills, knowledge, and understanding they need to develop into well-rounded, informed individuals.


approach meets kids where they are.

Promote Creativity

Kids thrive when their imagination is not curtailed. We fuel their creativity through freestyle art projects and ideas, rather than guiding them to create something shown to them. They get to explore their own ideas, design their art work and apply their own tools and approaches to create their products.

Co-operative Learning

Co-operative play teaches preschool students teamwork and problem solving, two crucial skills they're learning at this age. When kids work on hands-on projects, we encourage kids to exchange ideas, share resources and work together to reach a common goal. These hands-on experiences help build teamwork capabilities, improve focus and attention in a group setting, preparing them for world-at-large.

Problem Solving

Using open-ended conversations and prompts, we support children to think clearly and rationally, and help them make logical connections between ideas. We help kids become active learners, instead of being passive recipients of information. We engage in reflections during and after every session, thereby promoting independent thought and reinforcing their learnings.

Critical Thinking

At Little Steps, we encourage kids to ask questions and seek answers, rather than feed them with facts and data. We demonstrate respect for children’s curiosity by listening to their thoughts and comments during investigative adventures, probe them to postulate their theories during hands-on experiments and help them explain their observations and results logically and scientifically.

Language Skills

Our children gain language skills through sessions that focus on phonics, reading, and writing. In additions to reading books, our Storytime sessions also support children to develop their own stories and narrate/illustrate them, supporting them become independent readers, illustrators and authors. We also have optional classes from accredited teachers to learn Spanish and Hindi.

Individual Spirit

While we employ co-operative learning methods, we also support children to develop a sense of self. We foster positive relationships by showing enthusiasm and respect for their interests, and encourage healthy competition among the children. We throw challenges to the children and support them in completing such challenges, to boost their confidence, pride and self-esteem.