Our professional teachers love learning and pass that love and excitement to the children.



I have been managing Childcare and teaching children since 2014. I hold a California Development Program Director Permit from California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. As an educator and a mother, I am very well aware of how every parent wants a caring, loving, nurturing environment for their child, especially in their Early Childhood. I am looking forward to working with all the parents on establishing positive relationships. Trust, respect, and understanding are vital parts of these relationships; when parents and educators are on the same page, everyone benefits – especially the children.


I strongly believe in an open-door policy and invite each and every parent to convey their desires/expectations for their children and seek their feedback frequently. We believe that our programs would help your child grow to their fullest potential. Looking forward to hearing from you!!

Little Steps Director

Little Steps

early childhood educators.

are fully qualified, very experienced and extremely dedicated to their roles 

We truly value continuity of care and know how important consistency is in a young child’s life – which is why we our team is only made of of all permanent part-time and full-time educators. We employee regular permanent float educators which enables us to refrain from using “casual” or “agency” educators. This means that your child will always know and be familiar with every educator in the service!


in joining our team?


Do you want to join us in our goal of contributing to a healthy social, physical, cognitive, and emotional development of children? We are looking for qualified, experienced, and compassionate candidates to prepare children for their life, to help ease them into organized education. Employment requirements include passion and patience to work with children, the ability to engage them, and earn their trust and attention, and knowledge of best practices and preschool educational methods.