our daily schedule and sessions

Our daily schedule includes sessions, explained in this page, are designed to promote critical thinking, creativity, individual spirit, co-operative learning and fine/gross motor skills, while building social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills.


We understand that children are natural learners that need to be provided opportunities to experiment, practice skills, and seek new knowledge in their own ways and our role is to facilitate and guide them in the process. All our lessons and activities are built around the idea of guided hands-on experiments, with emphasis on observation, exploration and attention to detail.

Curiosity & Wonder

Developing curiosity helps a child to be willing and able to continually grow, learn and question what is around them. Our daily sessions inspire curiosity, develop persistence, cultivate an active mind and set up long-term success. Our hands-on-yet-guided experiments and sensory experiences give children the freedom and encouraging them to reach out to what is around
them and become a part the world’s experiences

Everest Explorers

At Little Steps, our children get to play outdoors, weather permits, twice every day. The outdoor time includes both structured and free-play, and provides opportunities for the children to build fine and gross motor strength, co-operative play, sharing and communication skills.

Math Masters

Mathematics is more than just numbers, it includes the ability to see and create patterns, shapes, as well as organizational skills like graphing and sorting. We help children make sense of the world around them and find meaning in the real world through Math. Using Math concepts and techniques, we help them to reason, to connect ideas, and to think logically.

Amateur Artists

We understand that kids thrive when their imagination is not curtailed. During our amateur artists classes, we work with the children on freestyle art projects that fuel their creativity, rather than guiding them towards something shown to them. They get to explore their own ideas, design their art work and apply their own tools and approaches to create their products.

Public Speaking

We provide several opportunities for children to work on their communication skills. We encourage children to express their ideas, listen and debate them, helping them develop their public speaking skills. Children get to present in front of their peers during Show and Tell sessions, where they get to talk about their items, projects, experiences etc. that help build their confidence, self-esteem and presentation skills.

Tiny Technoids

Our Tiny Technoids sessions help children gain knowledge and skills in tools and technologies. These tools are an integral part of the STEAM process, that help the children observe, discover and express their thoughts, ideas, observations and results. This concept also extends to Creative Art, which is also an excellent form of communication, especially when supported by appropriate tools.

Daring Dragons

We understand that Children are active researchers that seek answers through their natural curiosity about the world around them. Our daring dragon experiments are open ended and encourage children to postulate theories and test them out. During the hands-on experiences, we dare our students to be wrong, motivate them to make predictions, develop hypotheses, and question their assumptions and expectations.

Emerging Engineers

In our Emerging Engineers class, our kids are not just building structures and toys. They get to explore material and apply their scientific thinking, test structures and designs, explore alternative solutions and learn to work efficiently in groups.

Little Linguists

Our children gain language skills through sessions that focus on phonics, reading, and writing. In additions to reading books, our Storytime sessions also support children to develop their own stories and narrate/illustrate them, supporting them become independent readers, illustrators and authors. We also have optional classes from accredited teachers to learn Spanish and Hindi.